Special Congregational Meeting July 28, 2019

To my beloved community,

It is with great joy that I invite you all to a Special Meeting after service on Sunday, July 28.

At this meeting, we will re-affirm our congregational covenant, vote on Leah Mikkelson’s nomination to the Board, and approve our 2019-2020 budget.

As you all know, Don Metivier recently made a generous gift to the church, and the Board was able to modify the budget accordingly. Approximately 88% of Don’s gift went to the ministerial salary line items. We also increased the salaries of all staff members and increased the RE committee budget.

You will notice that there is a small deficit at the bottom line. However, the budget is built on 91% of pledges, rather than 100%. This is based on the historical pattern of actual monies received, but if all pledges are paid, we will be at a small surplus.

I hope to see all of you after service on the 28th. The 28th also happens to be both Forrest’s and Kevin’s last day with us, so come out to bid farewell to them and hello to our new path forward!

In faith,
Carrie MacDonald
Board President

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  1. I am sorry Bill Stone and I will not be at the July 28 meeting. I do want to say that we both approve the budget and Lieah Nickelsen’s appointment to the board, If you can take our votes online. Please give our very best regards to Reverend Kevin. We appreciate everything he has done for us this past year and wish him the absolute best in his future as minister. Sandra Bartholmey

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