Staff Changes in Works

Considering the religious education needs of the children and families
of our congregation as we move forward through both the transition
process of an interim ministry and the uncertainties of the pandemic,
and in recognition of the outstanding service Heather Madaus has
provided to our religious education program over the past several years,
the Board decided to ask Heather if she would be willing to eliminate
the designation of “interim” from her job title and commit to being our
DRE on an ongoing basis.

We are thrilled to announce that Heather has agreed to enter discussions
to convert her status from interim to permanent Director of Religious
Education. We will be meeting with Heather over the next few weeks to
discuss any revisions to her job description and employment contract
that might be necessary to effectuate this change. We hope to have a
contract signed by next month so that we (and you!) can congratulate
Heather and welcome her as our official Director of Religious Education
for what we hope will be many happy and fruitful years to come.
     – The Board of TOLUUC

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