Sunday Morning Services Update

Dear Community,

We are delighted to begin holding our first early morning services this Sunday, August 8, 2021.

What do I need to know to attend?

In light of the continuing Covid-19 crisis and in recognition of our deep need for opportunities to gather in person, we are instituting an early service outdoors. The early service will be at 9am on the grounds at Tree of Life. We welcome everyone to attend the early service. Because our community includes children and others who can’t get vaccinated as well as some who choose not to get vaccinated at this time, we ask that everyone mask and remain socially distanced. As a religious community, it is part of our responsibility and covenant to care for one another.

Please bring your own chair or blanket to sit on at this service. We will not have chairs available. We will have access to the building for people to use the restroom. We ask that you go in one at a time or as a family group and remain masked while in the building.

Please keep in mind that we are working on creating a play space on the church grounds. There will be areas of the grounds that are rough due to this work. Walk with care.

What is going to happen at the early service?

This is a “Short and Sweet” service. It will be barebones, including a chalice lighting, a reading, and a sermon. It will not include our ritual of sharing Joys and Sorrows, an offering collection, or our typical music. The service will start at 9am and will last 30-40 minutes. In cases of severe weather, it will be canceled. That decision will be made by 7am and announced on Facebook and our website.

What does that mean for the 10:45am service?

We will still be holding our regular 10:45am online service that will include everything we know and love. This will be our standard service.

Why two services? Couldn’t we just do the outdoor service?

We considered the possibility of one service outdoors at the regular time. There were several barriers, including technological challenges for livestreaming from outdoors and practical concerns about equipment, seating, and more. There has also been a concern about the heat at our regular service time.

Why can’t we just have indoor services?

At this point we don’t have sufficient ventilation or space in the sanctuary for our regular attendance. Indoor services would require severely limited attendance and would endanger our children and other members of our congregation who are immunocompromised or otherwise unprotected.

What if I have other questions?

Please reach out to Rev. Jenn! If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll help you figure out who does.

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