Irene Raven

At the beginning of every Sunday Service at Tree of Life we recall our purpose together starting with the words: “We journey as a family toward: Spiritual Growth…” Tree of Life supports me in my spiritual journey while not requiring me to follow a particular doctrine. As a former Catholic who loved the ritual but not the doctrine and the rules, the elements of ritual in our Sunday Service have become meaningful and dear to me over the years.  Bi-weekly Mindfulness Meditation reinforces the practice of being present. Monthly small group Chalice Circles provide a structure to practice introspection, deep listening and sharing, thus forming meaningful connections with other members. We have been using The Soul Matters Program in our Sunday Services, our Chalice Circles, and Religious Education classes the last two years. Since the same monthly theme is explored by all, it fosters deeper reflection and immersion on my part. It provides me with opportunities to share and discuss the themes with other members of this Beloved Community. Our spiritual practices give us a strong foundation so we can better live the rest of our purpose – “…freedom in faith, celebration of diversity, commitment to action, devotion to each other, the community and the Earth.”