Maureen Skuban

The first service I attended at Tree of Life unexpectedly brought me to tears.  Joyful tears because I felt a belonging, like I was with kindred spirits.  I was welcomed in by warm friendly people genuinely interested in who I am.  Imagine a church where it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your faith is.  They join as a community recognizing we’re all in this together.  When I explained this concept to others, I was asked how its services could support all its members if they hold different faiths.   It’s easier than it sounds because this is a community like no other!  Tree of Life is filled with curious people who respect others enough to not only celebrate diversity but embrace the opportunity to learn and appreciate different ideas.  Supporting the personal journey we’re each on, Tree of Life provides programs that continue to guide me in reflection, helping me further develop spiritually. The love and caring goes beyond the church’s walls into our environment and to anyone who needs a voice.  How beautiful and inspiring to be surrounded by the caring people at Tree of Life.  More recently, I have become overwhelmed and discouraged by the negative words and actions of others.  But the people of Tree of Life lift my spirits with hope and possibilities.  Thank you, Tree of Life for giving me strength.