The Promise and Practice of Our Faith–Black Lives Matter Service Sunday, March 15, 2020 10:45 am. Tree of Life Social Justice Team and Worship Arts Team

What​​ would ​​it ​​be​​ like​​ if​​ our​​ Tree of Life worship​​ service​​ centered ​​entirely​​ around the ​​voices ​​and​​ the​​ experiences ​​of ​​Black​​ Unitarian​​ Universalists?​​ What truths ​​might ​​we​​ hear, ​​however​​ difficult?​​ What​​ might​​ we​​ learn? ​​How​​ might these Black ​​UU​​ leaders ​​teach​​ us ​​to​​ be ​​better​​ allies,​​ better​​ siblings ​​in ​​faith, and ​​even​​ better ​​citizens​​ in​​ our​​ community?  Join us in a service led by the Social Justice Team and Worship Arts Team.

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