Topic: Change

Celebrating our Growing Edges

The growing edge is that space of possibility between what is and what is not yet. Join Chaplain Dave and Tree of Life in celebrating and exploring that space of active hope and transformation in our lives, our congregation, and our community.

Making Change

For this month’s theme of transformation, Tree of Life members explore some big questions.

Take Courage to Build Brave Spaces

Courage comes in many shapes and sizes, forms recognizable and subtle. Each of us approaches the world with a different set of lenses and experiences. What may be extraordinary bravery for one person might not even register as a challenge for another. But one thing is true. We can all strengthen our heart muscles in brave space so that we can increasingly live courageous and trust filled lives. 

The Only Lasting Truth

Octavia Butler says: “All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change… God is change.” Things are changing here at Tree of Life. It’s natural to resist change. What happens if we embrace it? Join us … read more.

Food and Faith

Enjoying a “sinfully delicious” treat? Being “good” about sticking to your diet? As we enter the holiday season of feasting and fellowship, let’s think about how our embedded theology is reflected in our conversations around the dinner table.

Speaker: Virginia GracenWorship Leader: Jesse BowenChalice Lighter: Sheryl … read more.

The Path of Change

Sometimes welcome, sometimes unexpected, change comes into all of our lives. What resources do we need to navigate and learn from change?

Speaker: Rev Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Rebecca ColonChalice Lighter: Mary RobinsonMusic: Cassandra Vohs-Demann

After the service, we will offer social time online and in person. 12:15-1:15pm … read more.