Topic: Easter

Rise Up! It’s a New Day!

This multigenerational worship service will celebrate each day as a new beginning and as a holy day. Through story, poetry, and song, we will acknowledge and recognize the beginning of the Eastertide season, the International Day of Trans Visibility, and reflect on celebrations local and global.

Resisting Saturday

The story of holy week is a story of grief and joy. What is lost when we resist Saturday? And what can be found by reclaiming the entire story? After the service, we invite you to enjoy a potluck lunch with us. Bring a dish to share. You can refrigerate or keep warm your dish … Continue reading Resisting Saturday

The Resurrection You Desire

Easter is a story of resurrection. What can resurrection mean to Unitarian Universalists? How can each of us have the resurrection we desire? Speaker: Rev Jenn Gracen Worship Leader: M.E. Tanabe Chalice Lighter: Jess Miller Special Music: Tree of Life Choir After the service we will have online coffee hour social time in breakout rooms … Continue reading The Resurrection You Desire