Topic: Faith

O ye of little faith?

Some people refer to Unitarian Universalists as people of little faith. (Even some UUs do.) I say they are wrong. And my sermon, I hope, will show you why.

Food and Faith

Enjoying a “sinfully delicious” treat? Being “good” about sticking to your diet? As we enter the holiday season of feasting and fellowship, let’s think about how our embedded theology is reflected in our conversations around the dinner table.

Speaker: Virginia GracenWorship Leader: Jesse BowenChalice Lighter: Sheryl … read more.

Waking- The Art of Intention

To quote Mary Oliver, “What will you do with your your one wild and precious life?” This question presses on us as morally grounded faith filled people. How do we live everyday as a reflection of the values and beliefs that guide our lives, our … read more.

Faith or Trust (or both)?

Due to the intricacies of word and language translation through the centuries, people in many faith communities have come to understand the words ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ as being synonymous. Though they certainly compliment each other, they vary in discernible ways. “Faith or Trust (or both)?” … read more.

An Inquiring Faith

Our faith values questions more than certainty. What does that look like in our congregation? What questions do YOU bring to our life together?

What have you wanted to ask Rev. Jenn? Do you want to know the difference between a Unitarian and a Universalist? … read more.

Misjudging Martha

How does dragon fighting teach us to talk to one another? When we use “faith” language with one another what if we aren’t actually speaking the same language? As this is the second Sunday of the month, we will take a special offering for Compassion … read more.

Renewing Faith

Our annual stewardship kickoff service. How does stewardship relate to faith? What about the loaves and fishes? What would it mean if faith was a verb?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Carol AlfusChalice Lighter: Tom Steffens

After the service we will have coffee hour social time in … read more.