Topic: Healing


As we shift into spring the world continues to open up. Today we honor the theme of awakening as Tree of Life opens our building for worship for the first time in over two years.

Speaker: Rev Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Sue KazluskyChalice Lighter: Judy AyresSpecial Music … read more.

Building the Welcome Table

This country was founded on powerful ideals of freedom for all, even as slavery existed. How can we recognize the reality of our past? How do we keep working toward our highest ideals even when we have fallen short?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: George “Kaz” … read more.

Blue Christmas

December is often known as the season of joy. But it can also be a reminder of what we have lost, people who are not with us this holiday season. This service creates space for us to hold grief together. This service is 7pm on … read more.

Caravans and Broken Vows

We are a congregation that welcomes all. In any community of people traveling through life together we will find exciting possibilities as well as unexpected challenges. How do we navigate both?

Speaker: Rev Jennifer GracenWorship Leader: Jesse BowenStory for All Ages: The Jug and the Rock … read more.

In Memory of What We Have Lost

The Worship Arts team will share their personal reflections on what they have lost in “this COVID time.” We will also take time to remember the members and friends of Tree of Life who passed away during this time.

Speaker: Worship Arts TeamWorship Leader: Sue … read more.

Blue Christmas

Sometimes the holiday season is tinged with sorrow. This service recognizes that this isn’t always the happiest time of the year. This service will be held on Friday, December 18th at 7pm.

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenSpecial Music by Cassandra Vohs-Demann and Billy Seger

Log on to Zoom … read more.

Heal the World, Cook Dinner Tonight

What does it mean to share food together? Why is food part of so many sacred rituals in the world?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: George “Kaz” KazluskyChalice Lighter: Steve LyonsHymns: Billy Seger

After the service we will have religious education for children and youth, coffee hour … read more.

The Difficult Healing… Is it worth it?

We all understand we have to forgive to heal. So…what happens to us when we don’t think forgiving a significant hurt has ANY chance of reconciling the situation? Today, we examine the forgiving/healing process when it doesn’t seem like it will work.

Worship Leader: Carol AlfusSpeaker: … read more.