Topic: Holding History

Building the Welcome Table

This country was founded on powerful ideals of freedom for all, even as slavery existed. How can we recognize the reality of our past? How do we keep working toward our highest ideals even when we have fallen short? Speaker: Rev. Jenn Gracen Worship Leader: George “Kaz” Kazlusky Special Music: TOLUUC Small Ensemble- Answering the … Continue reading Building the Welcome Table

The One Story

Rachel Naomi Remen has written, “Hidden in all stories is the One Story. The more we listen, the clearer that Story becomes.” What is our experience with this “One Story?” Has your hidden story been heard? Do you ever hear your story in the words of others? This Sunday TOLUUC members explore the joy of … Continue reading The One Story

The Journey

We have each traveled a different path to arrive to get here together. What are some ways we can explore the gifts and challenges of our path? How can we determine what the path has to offer us now? We will share our offering with Veterans Path to Hope (formerly Transitional Living Services) Speaker: Rev. Jennifer Gracen … Continue reading The Journey

Our Home

This country was founded on another. Native Americans were systematically pushed out of their homes and off their land. How do we move forward and also face our history? Speaker: Rev. Jennifer Gracen Worship Leader: Carol Alfus Reader: Julie Huddle Land Acknowledgement: Janet Burns Chalice Lighter: Whit Sears Our service will be online at 10:45am. … Continue reading Our Home