Topic: Widening the Welcome

Widening the Circle of Love

Join Chaplain Dave in exploring lessons on love and liberation from bell hooks, Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray, the Revolutionary Love Project of Valarie Kaur, and our own UU call to liberating love.  

Take Courage to Build Brave Spaces

Courage comes in many shapes and sizes, forms recognizable and subtle. Each of us approaches the world with a different set of lenses and experiences. What may be extraordinary bravery for one person might not even register as a challenge for another. But one thing is true. We can all strengthen our heart muscles in brave space so that we can increasingly live courageous and trust filled lives. 

The Wagon Needs Fixing

When people of shared values and dreams come together the result can be powerful and life-changing.

Trekking Home

What if our own sense of home makes someone else feel left out? Rev Pam will open a conversation around what we can do personally and as a congregation to widen the circle and make that space of home for all seekers on the journey.  Using stories from Sci-Fi genre – she’ll invite us to widen our imaginations and see ourselves and others with new eyes.  

To Nurture a Community

The path of belonging to a community can be a long and winding journey. What does it mean to belong to a community? Join us for this exploration and our new member ceremony! Speaker: Rev Jenn Gracen Worship Leader: Ron Relic Chalice Lighter: Ray Beth After the service we will have online and in person … Continue reading To Nurture a Community

The Circle of Love

This Sunday we gather in the Universalist spirit and are reminded that no one is outside the circle of love. Joining with guest speaker, the Rev. Allison Farnum, we are invited to feel the power of belonging through the lens of the Unitarian Universalist Prison Ministry of Illinois. Speaker: Rev Allison Farnum Worship Leader: M.E. … Continue reading The Circle of Love

Invisible Barriers

Unitarian Universalism is a life giving, life saving, religious tradition. Have we built invisible barriers that prevent people from being a part of our communities? Speaker: Rev Jenn Gracen Worship Leader: Jesse Bowen Chalice Lighter: Carol Alfus After the service we will have online and in person social time. Did you miss this service? You … Continue reading Invisible Barriers

Crossing the Aisle

Our nation has grown increasingly divided over the last few decades. How can we talk to those with whom we disagree? Speaker: Rev. Jenn Gracen Worship Leader: Sue Kazlusky After the service we will have coffee hour social time in breakout rooms. We offer Faith Forward Inquirers for newcomers using the same link 12:15-1:15pm. We … Continue reading Crossing the Aisle

The Principles of Change

The Unitarian Universalist Association and its member congregations are undergoing a process to consider revising the seven principles and six sources of Unitarian Universalism. What does it mean to reconsider the principles? What is our responsibility? Speaker: Rev. Jenn Gracen Worship Leader: Jesse Bowen Chalice Lighter: George Kazlusky Reader: Elizabeth Young After the service we … Continue reading The Principles of Change