We Draw From Many Wells: Water Communion September 15, 2019

Sunday, September 15, 2019, 10:45am

As all rivers run to the sea, water is our great connector. In this service you are invited to share water in one of four ways: in awareness of scarcity; in recognition of change; as a symbol of the “storms” in our lives; in thanks for the “wellsprings” that bring us joy.

This year Water communion will be conducted differently than it has in the past. This all-ages service will consider water as a symbol that connects us to each other,  and our sharing will serve as the day’s sermon. There will be 4 periods of sharing water: 

First we will have a chance to share water that reminds us that while some have abundance, others struggle in scarcity.

Second we will share water that symbolizes travel, movement and change.

Third we will share water that reminds us of life’s storms: our concerns, worries, frustrations and losses.

Finally, we’ll share water that reminds us of the wellsprings of our lives.

No need to bring water with you this year.

Please join us for this special service, which also features our choir’s first performance under our new Music Director, Cassandra Vohs-Demann!

After the service please stay for our Annual Welcome Back Picnic.

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