Moral Imagination

What is a moral imagination? How does it call us to behave in the future?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Carol AlfusChalice Lighter: Leah MikkelsonHymns: Billy Seger

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The Continuing Dream

Fifty Seven years after Dr. King’s famous I have a dream speech, People of Color are still striving for equality and safety in this country. How are we called to respond as Unitarian Universalists?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Sue KazluskyChalice Lighter: Lisa MessingerHymns: Billy Seger

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Did You See What’s Behind That Tree? Fantasy vs. Imagination

What is the difference between fantasy and imagination? Simone Weil tells us that “Imagination and fantasy make up more than 3/4 of our life.” Carl Sagan said “Imagination will often carry us toworlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” 

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