Yoga Returns to Tree of Life

Cynthia Allen returns to lead us in Flow Yoga Monday mornings 9:30am- 10:15am starting March 1st. These sessions requires mobility such that one can get up and down from seating to standing poses and will end with time for a 5 minute meditation.
At the end of the session, space will be held open for participants to share thoughts and feelings that arose in the practice.

Yoga is designed to bring more and more awareness, not only to our body but also our thoughts. The Yamas and Niyamas facilitate taking ownership of our lives; directing us towards the fulfillment we seek.

  1. Saucha ◊ Purity: “…is an invitation to cleanse our bodies, our attitudes and our actions”. It is the quality of being aligned in our relationships with others, the task at hand and with ourselves.
  • Santosha ◊ Contentment. This principle cannot be sought; contentment can only be found in acceptance and appreciation of what is in the moment. The more we learn to leave ‘what is’ alone, the more contentment will quietly and steadily find us.
  • Tapas ◊ Self-discipline is translated as ‘heat’, this principle is staying in the painful moments of our lives with the ability to trust the strength of our character. “The promise of a crisis is that it will pick us up and deliver us on the other side of something”. Self-discipline will mold us into someone of great depth and profoundness if we let it.  
  • Svadhyaya ◊ Self- study. This jewel is a pursuit of knowing ourselves, studying what drives us and what shaped us because these things have created the lives we are living. Self-study asks us to look at the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and invites us to release the false and limiting self-perception our ego has imposed on us and find the truth of our Divine Self.  
  • Ishvara Pranidhana ◊ Surrender. This teaching reminds us that life knows what to do better than we do. With practice we can receive each moment with an open heart. Rather than paddling upstream, surrender is an invitation to go with the underlying current, enjoy the ride and take in the view.

Adapted from The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring yoga’s ethical practice by Deborah Adele

By Cynthia Allen ASCM-CPT and YogaFit Level 1 Instructor

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