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All Are Called

As this congregation moves through the interim period how can we
faithfully meet the demands of our time? Who are we called to be right
now, individually and collectively?

Join us for our first service with our new Interim Minister, Rev. Jenn Gracen. You can read more out … read more.

Our Stories

The first service I attended at Tree of Life unexpectedly brought me to tears.  Joyful tears because I felt a belonging, like I was with kindred spirits.  I was welcomed in by warm friendly people genuinely interested in who I am.  Imagine a church where … read more.

Maureen Skuban

At the beginning of every Sunday Service at Tree of Life we recall our purpose together starting with the words: “We journey as a family toward: Spiritual Growth…” Tree of Life supports me in my spiritual journey while not requiring me to follow a particular … read more.

Irene Raven