Our Transition Back

Covid Guidelines for Tree Of Life:

Updated August 17, 2022.

Based on the CDC’s community level metrics* with data drawn from www.covidactnow.com


As Unitarian Universalists we are a covenantal congregation and caring for one another by following these guidelines is integral to gathering. We recognize that we are all individuals who can be expected to assess our own risk tolerance and act accordingly as we move out of the high transmission category. These guidelines are not designed to exclude anyone, but rather keep our congregation meeting in person even in the situation where transmission levels are high.

We encourage everyone to test if you have any symptoms or exposure before attending service. Please do not attend if you don’t feel well or if you have a positive test. If you have been exposed to someone with Covid within the past 10 days, please consider masking indoors, no matter the risk level, and testing on day 5 after exposure. Multi-platform services will be continued at each level for individuals who cannot, or do not feel comfortable, attending in person for any reason.

If you have a positive test in the week after you attend an in-person service, please let the office know at office@treeoflifeuu.org.

You may check the current community level at www.covidactnow.com. We will also post it on the door of the building Sunday morning.


No restrictions

Vaccinations encouraged to promote herd immunity


Masks optional but encouraged (High-quality masks available for anyone who would like to wear them in the service)

Congregational, choir, and guest singing – masks optional

Social hour indoors or outdoors

Vaccinations encouraged to promote herd immunity


Masks required (High-quality masks available)

Social distancing encouraged

Congregational, choir, and guest singing — with masks or outside

Social hour outdoors

Vaccinations encouraged to promote personal protection and herd immunity

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