Speaker: Lou Ness

Magic- We are Magical Beings

What does it mean when we say, “We are magical creatures?” How does magic live in us and around us? Do you believe in magic? Join our service at 10:45am.

Waking- The Art of Intention

To quote Mary Oliver, “What will you do with your your one wild and precious life?” This question presses on us as morally grounded faith filled people. How do we live everyday as a reflection of the values and beliefs that guide our lives, our thoughts and actions. Does this spiritual warfare matter? Together we … Continue reading Waking- The Art of Intention


We explore how circumstances often reduce our ability to follow through on the intentions we set for ourselves. Speaker: Lou Ness Worship Leader: Ron Relic After the service we will have coffee hour social time in breakout rooms. We offer Faith Forward Inquirers for newcomers using the same link 12:15-1:15pm. We conduct our services live … Continue reading Intention

Traditions Past–Creating New Traditions Forward

Together we will begin to explore how age old beloved and testedtraditions will be put aside as we enter Fall and prepare for theholiday season because it will be here before we know it. Join us online using this link Did you miss this service? You can view a recording of the service here.


Think of standing in a canoe in a still river. No wind or ripple anywhere, the surface glass like. Yet beneath your feet the boat is shifting, even in small hardly noticeable flinches. These invisible flickers of movement from deep in the lake cause you to adjust your balance moment to moment. This is balance, … Continue reading Balance

When a Gift is Really a Gift

Guest Speaker, Lou Ness “There’s never nothing going on, there are no ordinary moments,” Socrates in Peaceful Warrior. What are your takeaways from Covid-19, quarantine and public unrest? There are pearls of wisdom and nuggets of truth emerging through adversity. How we allow ourselves to be transformed in this moment is on us. Join us … Continue reading When a Gift is Really a Gift

Oh, the Place You Will Go!

Sunday, May 31, 2020, 10:45am Guest Speaker: Lou Ness The Tree of Life family celebrates and sends it Class of 2020 graduates into the world. Consider what lessons and values, you as a community have embedded in their hearts. While celebrating achievement understand this – They step into the next great adventure begins. To join … Continue reading Oh, the Place You Will Go!