Topic: Spiritual

Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota prayer for “All My Relations”)

Mitakuye Oyasin is a Lakota Prayer that honors the sacredness of each person’s individual spiritual path, acknowledges the sacredness of all life (human, animal, plant, etc.) and creates an energy of awareness which strengthens not only the person who prays but the entire planet. Tricia Alexander shares from her personal experience on Pine Ridge Reservation and how it connected her more deeply to her own Assyrian Lineage.

This is the Way

At Tree of Life UUC, we nurture a community that welcomes diversity, supports the spiritual growth of its members and acts to create a more just society. What is our call to support this beloved community?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn Gracen

Worship Leader: M.E. Tanabe

Music: Choir and Lilith … read more.

Walking the Path

We all have a spiritual journey. For some of us that means we have left another tradition to find our way to UUism. Others are life long UUs even during times of struggle. How can our spiritual autobiography help us understand the beauty and complexity … read more.

The Journey

We have each traveled a different path to arrive to get here together. What are some ways we can explore the gifts and challenges of our path? How can we determine what the path has to offer us now? We will share our offering with … read more.