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Descent to the Dark and the Rising, Defiant Spark

Renewal often requires a descent into dark places. Just as a seed pushes up from the deep dank soil, we may re-discover ourselves as we emerge from the places where we have been “dissolved and shaken”, as May Sarton poignantly observes.

Beyond “I’m Sorry”

Why do some apologies feel genuine and sincere while others ring hollow? We will explore what it means to truly make amends.

Take Courage to Build Brave Spaces

Courage comes in many shapes and sizes, forms recognizable and subtle. Each of us approaches the world with a different set of lenses and experiences. What may be extraordinary bravery for one person might not even register as a challenge for another. But one thing is true. We can all strengthen our heart muscles in brave space so that we can increasingly live courageous and trust filled lives. 

Water is Life

This ceremony represents how our time spent apart is now reconnected, as once again we pour ourselves into shared community. All are invited to bring water.

The Wagon Needs Fixing

When people of shared values and dreams come together the result can be powerful and life-changing.

A Taste of Soul- Listening to Our Lives

Today, TOL members will share about the value they’ve found in listening to their lives, while sifting meaning from their experiences.