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Moral Imagination

What is a moral imagination? How does it call us to behave in the future?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Carol AlfusChalice Lighter: Leah MikkelsonHymns: Billy Seger

After the service we will have Religious Education classes, breakout rooms for coffee hour, and Inquirers for newcomers.

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The Continuing Dream

Fifty Seven years after Dr. King’s famous I have a dream speech, People of Color are still striving for equality and safety in this country. How are we called to respond as Unitarian Universalists?

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Sue KazluskyChalice Lighter: Lisa MessingerHymns: Billy Seger

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Did You See What’s Behind That Tree? Fantasy vs. Imagination

What is the difference between fantasy and imagination? Simone Weil tells us that “Imagination and fantasy make up more than 3/4 of our life.” Carl Sagan said “Imagination will often carry us toworlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” 

Speaker: Thomas SteffensWorship Leader: … read more.

Facing Janus

In this time of transition we are forming the future of this beloved community. How might we use our history to shape our future? This service kicks off our month of Imagination.

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenWorship Leader: George “Kaz” KazluskyHymns: Billy SegerStory for All Ages: … read more.

When Stillness Speaks

Stillness is such a wonderful guest to welcome into our lives. It always arrives with gifts – like greater clarity, insight, and peacefulness. And as musicians, painters, and poets tell us, stillness creates space for creativity. What does Stillness bring to you?

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Messages of Hope

Join us for our 10:45AM service on December 20th for our annual holiday concert entitled Messages of Hope.
Our annual concert is going to look a little different this year because it will be virtual, but the show will go on!
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Blue Christmas

Sometimes the holiday season is tinged with sorrow. This service recognizes that this isn’t always the happiest time of the year. This service will be held on Friday, December 18th at 7pm.

Speaker: Rev. Jenn GracenSpecial Music by Cassandra Vohs-Demann and Billy Seger

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What the Dickens?

What lessons can we learn from the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol? What gifts are hidden within this story? What can we change about the story and still maintain its core message?

Speakers: Rev. Jenn Gracen and Religious Education studentsChalice Lighter: Religious Education studentMusic: Billy Seger … read more.