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Think of standing in a canoe in a still river. No wind or ripple anywhere, the surface glass like. Yet beneath your feet the boat is shifting, even in small hardly noticeable flinches. These invisible flickers of movement from deep in the lake cause you … read more.

Independence Day – What is Independence? And What is it Not?

Join us as Rabbi Maralee Gordon reflects this holiday weekend.

We use the words independence, freedom, and liberty in a variety of ways.
What was the original significance of “Independence Day”? Have we abused
it? Misused it? The Biblical verse “Proclaim liberty throughout the
land unto all the inhabitants … read more.

When a Gift is Really a Gift

Guest Speaker, Lou Ness

“There’s never nothing going on, there are no ordinary moments,” Socrates in Peaceful Warrior. What are your takeaways from Covid-19, quarantine and public unrest? There are pearls of wisdom and nuggets of truth emerging through adversity. How we allow ourselves to be … read more.

On Thresholds, Liminality, Loss and Hope

Sunday, May 24, 2020, 10:45am

Rev. Michelle Lattanzio

We are, as individuals, as a nation, and as a worldwide community, gathered on a threshold, between what was and what will be. We are living in a liminal time, with loss, fear and uncertainty. In this sermon, let … read more.

Oh, the Place You Will Go!

Sunday, May 31, 2020, 10:45am

Guest Speaker: Lou Ness

The Tree of Life family celebrates and sends it Class of 2020 graduates into the world. Consider what lessons and values, you as a community have embedded in their hearts. While celebrating achievement understand this – They step … read more.

Coming of Age

Our Coming of Age students have been meeting since last Summer and are ready to share their journey of faith exploration. The youth were challenged to explore their own ideas about faith and spiritual beliefs and it has been a great opportunity to practice expressing … read more.