The Minister’s Mind: Joy

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe word of the month for June is “joy.” What a wonderful word for our community to ponder! The funny thing about joy is that you can’t make it happen. You have to discover it. It’s as if joy is shy—it waits to be discovered, it doesn’t usually jump up and shout, “Hey, look at me! Here I am! Notice me!” So with that in mind, here are some ideas for finding more joy in your life:

  1. Find someone you’re glad is a part of your life. Take time to tell them.
  2. Watch a child play. Enjoy their enjoyment.
  3. Sing. In the choir, in the shower, in your car…
  4. Take time to play.
  5. Take time to breathe.
  6. Take time to be with someone who makes you smile.
  7. Say “I love you,” and really feel it.
  8. Find a way to give a secret gift or be a secret admirer.
  9. Make a date with yourself. Go out for coffee or to dinner.
  10. Dance.
  11. Call an old friend. Reminisce.
  12. Make a list of things you appreciate about yourself.
  13. Make a list of things you appreciate about someone you love.
  14. Share it.
  15. Make more time for conversation in your life.
  16. Do something spontaneous.
  17. Tackle that job you’ve been procrastinating. Feel proud of yourself when you do it.
  18. Stop and smell the flowers. (even if they’re in the grocery store!)
  19. Create something. (a song, a meal, a picture, a love letter, a birdhouse, a limerick…)
  20. Go outside. Notice the beauty of this good earth.
  21. Give something away without regret.
  22. Count your blessings.
  23. Play.
  24. Put on a smile on your face and a spring in your step and see what happens.
  25. Mend a quarrel or forgive a disagreement.
  26. Make three wishes come true.
  27. Appreciate something you’ve accomplished. Give yourself a gold star.
  28. Play a game. Do a puzzle. Tell jokes.
  29. Listen. To a friend, to nature, to music, to silence.
  30. Take joy in the everyday, the ordinary, the things you would miss if they went away.

Joy is all around us. We just need to take time to notice and cooperate.

Love Will Guide Us,

Rev. Sean

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