Topic: Becoming

On the Threshold

Between our birth and our death we cross many thresholds in our lives.

Speaker: Rev Jenn GracenWorship Leader: Ron Relic

The first service is at 9:00am Sunday, October 31, 2021. This service will be held outside on our church grounds. This will be a shortened service. We ask that … read more.

The Road Not Taken

We all have regrets about things we have chosen NOT to do in our lives. In her sermon, Rev. Julie Stoneberg invites us to view our regrets through a different lens. Read by Carol Alfus

Speaker: Carol AlfusWorship Leader: George “Kaz” KazluskyChalice Lighter: Sue McCowinReading: Jesse … read more.

The Liminal Space of Becoming

How often are we (individually and collectively) in transition, becoming something or someone new, without even realizing it? We are invited to notice when we’re in this liminal space and embrace it as sacred and holy.

Rev. Mary Dicken is an ordained United Methodist clergyperson, currently … read more.