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We are Searching for a new Music Director

Music is really the heart of Tree of Life. Our nearly thirty-member choir loves to sing all kinds of music. The talent in our congregation is deep and wide, from bluegrass to opera to rock to classical. We have three Haystacks Coffee … read more.

Minister’s Mind: Liberation

Liberation is a word we may hear often, but may or may not think much about. Women’s Liberation, political liberation, even Liberation Theology may come to mind, but may seem distant issues and not part of our own personal lives. This month, we ask ourselves … read more.

An Update from Our Interns

From Misha Sanders:

After spending all of January commuting to and from downtown Chicago, I can tell you that I am very excited to welcome Spring!  I have been happy to get back into the groove of life here at ToL, after having been mostly absent … read more.

Minister’s Mind: Resistance

I had to laugh when I saw that the Soul Matters theme for January was resistance. So much is changing–in the world, in our lives, and at Tree of Life–and resistance is so often our response to change. It’s a good thing, I think, for … read more.

Special “Blue December” Midweek Service

Thursday, December 17th, 2015     7 p.m. at Tree of Life

During the holidays, we often encounter expectations of jolliness and cheer that may not ring true. The pressure to act merry can make this time of year difficult. Grief, depression, poverty, and difficult … read more.

Minister’s Mind–Expectation

December is a month full of expectations. For some, those expectations are an inspiration and a joy. For others, this season includes much disappointment and sadness.  In the busy rush of the season, I often find myself remembering the words of Rev.Mark Belletini who wrote, … read more.

Minister’s Mind: Ancestry

Who are your ancestors? Who are the people who have made you who you are? Can you name your biological ancestors? Your spiritual ones?

Our theme for November is “Ancestry” and it has already stirred these questions and more in me. Thinking of my biological ancestors … read more.

The Minister’s Mind: Letting Go

This month’s “Soul Matters” theme is one that it seems like we human beings need to return to again and again. Even though we know that change is inevitable and resisting it is painful, we tend to get anxious when it’s happening to us. We’ve … read more.