Pledge Drive 2015

Achieve the Dream in 2015 – Pledge from Your Heart

This is our theme for Pledge Campaign 2015-16

Our dreams are many and varied. Not pie in the sky, but real, achievable dreams that are ours for the taking. We all know what we love about our church, but we tend to take for granted that it’s always going to be there. Let’s be reminded of what we have now and will have in the coming year:

Reverend Sean presents inspiring, thought-provoking sermons, and clearly, they will continue. How many times have we heard someone say something like: “He really nailed the theme today”!

An all-encompassing Religious Education program for children and youths of all ages includes:

*Certified facilitators present Our Whole Lives program

*Montessori based curriculum Spirit Play

*Coming of Age program for 10th and 11th graders

*Joyful Journey program for 4th and 5th graders

*Field trips to other religious places of worship and Summer Camp

A music program that gets better each year; our choir is second to none. This year, they will be performing at other UU Congregations in the area. Open mic nights, special music during worship services, and concerts round out our exceptional music experiences at Tree of Life.

Our kitchen has been certified by the McHenry County Board of Health. We can now use it for food preparation for ourselves and we can lease it to outside organizations.

We have a reactivated Tree of Life Endowment Fund. Since its reactivation in May, 2014, one bequest has already been received. The future of our church is heavily dependent on the health and growth of this fund.

Almost every week we have first-time visitors to Tree of Life UUC. Many visitors are looking for an alternative to their current religious experience. Some are just curious. Our presence in the community is being noticed. We welcomed nearly a dozen new members to our congregation in 2014.

Tree of Life volunteers are major contributors to the work of PADS and Compassion for Campers. These programs MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF PADS CLIENTS!

A program is in the works to coordinate transportation for those needing it to get to and from church.

Cabaret Church will take place on May 31, 2015. This innovative worship service will consist of music, art, inspiring and spiritual messages, and fun!

Our church was founded on October 24, 1865. A Sesquicentennial celebration is planned to mark this historic moment in our congregation’s life.

Tree of Life provides a meeting place for McHenry County PFLAG, Pride, Odyssey, and Parents of Transgender Individuals.

Social groups provide opportunities for exploring new avenues for individual growth, enrichment, and life experiences. Included are: Men’s Group, Women’s Circle, Women’s Book Club, and classes in Philosophy and Poetry Writing. Each Sunday morning, Coffee With Questions provides lively conversation on a wide range of topics that are selected by participants.

These “dreams” and the work of our ministries, our board, our committees, and church groups are what make Tree of Life UUC the dynamic community that it is.

Your pledges from your HEART will enable it all to continue to grow and prosper.

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